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Life begins anew every time Mother-Father converts our hearts to a greater truth, a brighter light, a more set-apart Breath. Yes. Even the Breath of lives.

When I first created this blog, I was overcoming a shortness of Breath. I was speechless trying to justify how I could practice set-apartness. Whether it was bad choices I had made in the past or my struggles of those days (which today have joined the past) I was so eager to live righteously but I didnt have enough will power to die from my sins.

I started reading the Book of Mormon. I was so happy every time I read a verse that made the Almighty out to be a forgiving man who actually wanted me to go to church. So I opened up my own WordPress account to blog about it.

In my opinion, I never lied to anyone about anything that mattered. I told my Mormon bishop that I smoked. I even told him I had not given up on the Catholic Church of my youth. I then presented to my Catholic priest and told him I was Mormon.

I still smoke. It’s still a sin. I’m smoking right now. If I ever had a thorn in my side it’s smoking. Yet I still want to add to a blog with Mormon in the title.

Hispanic Mormon. That’s what I’ll always be. That’s what sets me apart from other Christians. I know the Book of Mormon is true. If it wasn’t for said book I would be in despair. I would have settled for the Adversary’s evil design. 

You see, HaSatan is the fallen Breath-Messenger who convinced Jehovah to create this big ball of matter. This spherical surface that revolves around a fireball. This ground so big it curves back into itself. Situated in the Milky Way system of fireballs and surfaces and vacuums. A place to plant our feet and walk all over. A prison for those sentenced to die. How did the Adversary fool us into dying? Only HaShem has life to offer.

Today, my breath has been delivered from death. Almighty Father-Mother proceeded as planned in creating everything and breathing Breath into all living things. The bosom of hills, Mighty El-Shaddai, gives us suck through Mother’s Mighty Breasts, El-Shaddai.

Today, tomorrow, and forever I will not forget the day of my deliverance. How could I forget You on the very day of my deliverance? Your deliverance is for me and all people. I shall die in my sins then live forever.

Accordingly, this blog is no longer just for Mormons. It is about everlasting life as promised by God as our Heavenly Brother Jesus Christ the Son.

And for those who don’t blaspheme against Set-Apart Breath comes knowledge of Shabbat. A day of rest to celebrate weekly the everlasting day of rest promised us by the Breath Himself. For what is Breath without body? Nothing. And Father-Mother is definitely not nothing. But body only needs to be had once.

Jesus’ body became your body when you ate Passover with Him. That which came from Adam who was made from sand. Body happens billions of times so that it can return to dust and breath can return to the Set-Apart Breath.

So is the New Jerusalem one Breath or billions of breaths? We learned through Joseph Smith’s witness of Mother-Father’s First Vision unto the Mormons that the Almighty can appear as 2 separate personages if She so desires. It is not unthinkable that the citizens of New Jerusalem might on some days rise up singly as Breath-Messengers hosting single messages of single lives lived. But there is only Breath, one life source, one Master of Messages Hosted, one Word — the Mother and the Lamb. The Spirit and the Bride. El and His people.

In his esteemed and set-apart name, even Christ Ahnsahnghong. 


For we can all find the belief that Master Judge promised will have us be declared righteous and thus delivered from death. May we all find the everlasting rest from guilt and sorrow called the one and only day of Shabbat.

With the mind of the Master of Shabbat Christ Ahnsahnghong. 

Amen and Amen.

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