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A New Blog

Life begins anew every time Mother-Father converts our hearts to a greater truth, a brighter light, a more set-apart Breath. Yes. Even the Breath of lives.

When I first created this blog, I was overcoming a shortness of Breath. I was speechless trying to justify how I could practice set-apartness. Whether it was bad choices I had made in the past or my struggles of those days (which today have joined the past) I was so eager to live righteously but I didnt have enough will power to die from my sins.

I started reading the Book of Mormon. I was so happy every time I read a verse that made the Almighty out to be a forgiving man who actually wanted me to go to church. So I opened up my own WordPress account to blog about it.

In my opinion, I never lied to anyone about anything that mattered. I told my Mormon bishop that I smoked. I even told him I had not given up on the Catholic Church of my youth. I then presented to my Catholic priest and told him I was Mormon.

I still smoke. It’s still a sin. I’m smoking right now. If I ever had a thorn in my side it’s smoking. Yet I still want to add to a blog with Mormon in the title.

Hispanic Mormon. That’s what I’ll always be. That’s what sets me apart from other Christians. I know the Book of Mormon is true. If it wasn’t for said book I would be in despair. I would have settled for the Adversary’s evil design. 

You see, HaSatan is the fallen Breath-Messenger who convinced Jehovah to create this big ball of matter. This spherical surface that revolves around a fireball. This ground so big it curves back into itself. Situated in the Milky Way system of fireballs and surfaces and vacuums. A place to plant our feet and walk all over. A prison for those sentenced to die. How did the Adversary fool us into dying? Only HaShem has life to offer.

Today, my breath has been delivered from death. Almighty Father-Mother proceeded as planned in creating everything and breathing Breath into all living things. The bosom of hills, Mighty El-Shaddai, gives us suck through Mother’s Mighty Breasts, El-Shaddai.

Today, tomorrow, and forever I will not forget the day of my deliverance. How could I forget You on the very day of my deliverance? Your deliverance is for me and all people. I shall die in my sins then live forever.

Accordingly, this blog is no longer just for Mormons. It is about everlasting life as promised by God as our Heavenly Brother Jesus Christ the Son.

And for those who don’t blaspheme against Set-Apart Breath comes knowledge of Shabbat. A day of rest to celebrate weekly the everlasting day of rest promised us by the Breath Himself. For what is Breath without body? Nothing. And Father-Mother is definitely not nothing. But body only needs to be had once.

Jesus’ body became your body when you ate Passover with Him. That which came from Adam who was made from sand. Body happens billions of times so that it can return to dust and breath can return to the Set-Apart Breath.

So is the New Jerusalem one Breath or billions of breaths? We learned through Joseph Smith’s witness of Mother-Father’s First Vision unto the Mormons that the Almighty can appear as 2 separate personages if She so desires. It is not unthinkable that the citizens of New Jerusalem might on some days rise up singly as Breath-Messengers hosting single messages of single lives lived. But there is only Breath, one life source, one Master of Messages Hosted, one Word — the Mother and the Lamb. The Spirit and the Bride. El and His people.

In his esteemed and set-apart name, even Christ Ahnsahnghong. 


For we can all find the belief that Master Judge promised will have us be declared righteous and thus delivered from death. May we all find the everlasting rest from guilt and sorrow called the one and only day of Shabbat.

With the mind of the Master of Shabbat Christ Ahnsahnghong. 

Amen and Amen.


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Is it a sin to vote for Donald Trump?

Ok so I’m not Mormon anymore but I’m still Hispanic. Did Trump fulfil his campaign promise to turn all that fat into muscle so to speak? Basically ridding the streets of nationals of another country who are here without my permission and increasing legal immigration from Mexico and Canada (our neighbors).

Well fat can’t actually turn into muscle. You have to lose the fat first. And you have to use every calorie you take in to do that. That means I should have a job before we take in any more Korean nationals legally.

I feel it is racist to only think about one group of people when discussing something that affects everyone like comprehensive immigration reform.

Here in Arizona they’re raising the minimum wage. That makes it even less likely that an employer will pay me an amount which will let them accommodate my disability. But I know the accommodations I’m asking for are reasonable. It’s just that potential employers will find any reason to not hire the disabled person. Or so I hear. When the minimum wage goes up to call-center wage levels, it would actually be in my interest to work a job where I’m less productive. How ironic.

What I’m trying to say is that we should consider voting for Libertarians because their plan envisions EVERYONE exploiting their own talents to their hearts’ desire. We will have different pay structures besides hourly or salary under the Libertarians’ rule of government. Will I keep getting social security income under Libertarians? I don’t think I would need it!

Vote for Donald Trump if you seriously cared about individual mandate getting repealed. What else will he revoke? But honestly I think Trump did exactly what I wanted him to do and there’s no other reason to keep him. He appointed Neil Gorsuch. Do we need a non-Freemason for more than 4 years? I really didn’t think we needed a black president for 2 terms when he kills his own black babies. Let’s try a conservative black like Alan Keyes! Yup, the guy who lost to Obama in the Illinois senatorial race before he ran for president. 

Magical things are happening. I think it’s time we start electing Libertarians. Let the magic continue.

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I’ll never deny LDS truths

One of the Mormon apostles once said that those who are truly converted cannot be restrained from bearing their testimony. How ironic that this applies to people converting to religions other than Mormon. Once you’ve been LDS, testifying is a natural act of faith.

But I will never bear my testimony on truths I learned outside of Mormonism. And I will never do the opposite concerning truths I learned from the LDS, that is, deny things I know to be true.

I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of Elohim, our Heavenly Father.

First, he was a seer. Even his imagination was justified by the spirit of Enoch. He could take a cooking recipe and write a story about Jesus if the recipe inspired him. He did indeed take Egyptian papyrus and translated it into the Book of Abraham. He also took golden plates and translated them into the Book of Mormon. I am not the only person who has testified of the truth of the Book of Mormon. The original witnesses, who claimed they handled the hefty plates, give a much more beautiful testimony than I ever could. Heck, even the one who betrayed the Prophet by leaving the church never denied that he at least with eyes of faith saw the plates. With eyes of faith I too see the fulfilling of scripture through Mormonism.

Second, Joseph Smith had a vision of Father-Creator and our Heavenly Brother Jesus Christ appearing as 2 personages. He did indeed have this vision. God was present in the grove that day. Even the Holy Ghost was there somehow, I believe. Perhaps as an invisible personage.

I testify that the Holy Ghost is a person with a body and a face. Fingers and toes. A spirit personage made of matter too fine for what we consider material eyes to see. But if he so desires he can make even doubting Thomas know he has felt the body of Jesus by letting him touch him.

I testify that Mormon temples are the fulfilment of the coming of Elijah. You can be eternally sealed to anybody with a body of flesh and bones. I have been or will be sealed in the millennium. I am so grateful for the families who took my name to the temple and prayed for me.

I don’t know why I want to be sealed. I just know God’s dwelling is a house of order. We enter God’s dwelling as families. My family is Pleasant 2nd ward. My body will never leave this Earth. I shall remain here as the earth dies, ressurects, and becomes the celestial kingdom. I will never die. For I have been delivered from death as promised by many a Mormons. If I shortly go unconscious as many non-believers call death before the final judgement I will ressurects and become a celestial body just like the earth I reside on.

I know I came from the planet near Kolob.

In the name of the one-and-only Christ I know all these things. 

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No Longer a Mormon

On Monday, October 23, 2017 I got baptized by members of The Church of God World Mission Society. Early that afternoon two members of that church, a Korean named Jacob and a Mexican-American called Danny, were talking to my then housemate Steve as I spied on them from our house’s front window. I thought they were the Mormon missionaries checking up on me. They obviously weren’t.

After mustering a little confidence, I walked outside. I felt awkward thinking they had to send Mormon missionaries to lasso me back to church. When the two gentlemen introduced themselves as representatives from The Church of God, I was half-relieved and half-disappointed. Relieved that the Mormons weren’t concerned about my non-activity. Disappointed for the same reason.

But I was also excited. I love talking about religion. That’s what these folks were obviously here to do. First they showed me the verse in Genesis about God creating mankind in THEIR image — male AND female. “You see,” they explained, “the original Hebrew word for God is plural.” That’s when I got self-defensive and asserted that I, as a Mormon, already believed in both a Heavenly Father AND Mother. “We are all spirit children of our heavenly parents,” I tried explaining.  And then Jacob, the Korean with an Asian accent, taught me a simple truth I did not accept as a Latter-day Saint. “Still there is only one God.” I confess I heard some sort of Asian gong or chime at that moment.

Then Danny started talking about Christ Ahnsahnghong who is the second coming of Jesus Christ. He explained how the Holy Spirit came down in bodily form in Korea as Christ Ahnsahnghong. He was on this Earth from 1918 to 1985.

Furthermore, our Earth was now in the age of the Holy Spirit. Basically, the ancient Jews comprised the age of Father-Creator. Christians ushered in the age of the Son Jesus Christ. And then I asked them something I always try to ask when discussing religion. I asked, “So what do I need to do to be delivered from death?”

This question usually shuts people up who try to preach. But they had an answer. I had to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. “I’ve already been baptized in that manner,” I retorted.

Then they asked me what the name of the Father was. “Jehovah,” I answered. They were glad I knew the answer, but they pressed forward asking me what the son’s name was. “Jesus Christ,” I answered. Then came the million dollar question. “And what is the Holy Spirit’s name?”

Did I know the answer? Had I ever testified at testimony meeting on a Fast Sunday concerning the name of the Holy Spirit? But all of us knew. The Holy Spirit’s name was Christ Ahnsahnghong.

I dared not blaspheme against the Holy Ghost at that point. I submitted to the will of God. I let them baptize me.

I’ve been a faithful attendee at Church of God services since then. Sorry my Latter-day Saint friends! I have to live out my new faith. God put it in my heart. Mother-Father led me to the truth. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Christ Ahnsahnghong. All one God. Amen.

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