Why We Thank God

Some people feel like they are the ones who work for everything they have.  If they put food on the table, they chalk it up to their own merits.  After all, they are the ones who go out and work.  Having a job is how they make money to eat.  Why thank God for anything then?

The reason why we thank God for our food is because God made us require food to live.  But God also created many things to eat.  God could’ve been cruel by not creating anything to eat.  We would be doomed to die of starvation.  Mortal life in a body of flesh and bones would be a harsh existence with no food.

And any money we earn by working is because of talents that God instilled in us even before birth.  So by earning money we are using the skills and powers that God blessed us with.

So we should thank God that He created so many things for us to eat.  And we should thank Him for giving us talents that allow us to get jobs so we can earn money to buy food.

We should thank Him for all our blessings.  Family and friends are something to be thankful for.

We should also thank God for sending His Firstborn Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins.  God sees the blood shed by Jesus and feels better about the sins we commit (if we pray unto repentance).

Be sure you thank God for all your blessings this holiday season.  Thank Him for the food you eat.  Thank Him for the talents he gave you.  Thank Him for family and friends.  Be thankful that you have a roof over your head and a bed to sleep on.  God even made sure that water would be abundant on this planet so we would always have something to drink.  He was not a cruel God by making us needing food and water but with nothing to eat and drink.  God is perfectly loving.


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