Priesthood Blessing

I was told by somebody at church that I should contact my home teacher to get a priesthood blessing for these panic attacks I keep getting.  My home teacher came over just ten minutes after I called him!  Very prompt.

I feel so blessed to be a member of a church that gives each of us a home teacher to count on for spiritual purposes.  I don’t have any other priesthood holders in my family.  None in my house.  I am a convert and I’m the only member of the church in our household.  I am thankful to still have access to a priesthood blessing.

My head was anointed with oil that was set apart for healing.  My home teacher gave me words of inspiration during my blessing.  He said he hopes that my mind is quickened and that these panic attacks go away.

As a convert, I want to testify to anybody who is thinking of joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that you will not be forsaken as a member of the Church.  There will always be people willing to help you out with whatever you may need.

I have faith in the priesthood.  God wants all male members of the church to have some authority to act in His name.  God guides us men through the priesthood to help each other grow stronger.  I believe that our priesthood helps us in the mission to fortify all saints.

I ask anybody reading this to pray for me that these panic attacks go away.  Thank you.


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